Anxiety... i might be able to help please read


im back to talk to you about anxiety....

Its a thing some of us struggle with and its something some of us will always have to deal with.

i guess we all have anxiety we all are scared of something and thats a sort of anxiety but some of has it all like being anxious when in a room full of people you dont know, standing up in frount of 10 or 100 people reading something, getting into argue ments, losing people that mean so damn much and loads of other thing but knowing about anxiety cause of having it from a little kid iv picked up a lot of tac tics that i want to share with you lot x


Being on your own for a little while can help, a crowd can smother you and its easier to carm yourself down by doing things at your own pace you might not want to be left alone but it can help alot.

If your feeling anxiouse focus your mind on something like write everything down, or talk to  someone or listen to a couple of songs that relate to you or mean something to you.

focusing on your breathing

or when at night close your eyes and let your mind wander everything will soon be gone through your mind you will be asleep and your anxiousness willl have gone if not focus on your breathing again might help


talking to someone older like your mum dad or relative or your fave teacher or just someone you trust

or writing on a blog and asking for more advice can help...

only you can know what can help with your anxiety so once you fnd that you should be semi okay but it might not work all the time but i hope it does 


i hope i could help some of you specail people in anyway these have been my ways of dealing with it 


whats your guys tips? share with each other xx 


bye love from hana aka girlonline

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