Christmas <3

Hello fellow people,

Its the 22 of December yes its so close to  christmas but but but im hapy for another reason!!! iv been dating callum for a month and im so happy about it xx

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xx

only down side is i dont get to see him and also Alex wants me to date Another boy joe who I DONT want to date but whatever x


Anyways christmas is spending time with our families or people that mean a lot to you x

I know not everone hasnt got family but no one deseves to be alone on christmas no body xx

This year my mum wont be around that much for christmas she has to work most od it but i know that i means other people who dont have that no family are having  someone around for christmas  which is what matters x

In aall respects  i hope you all have the happiest christmas and new year ever xx



merry christmas

love hana aka girlonline

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  1. pets

    merry Christmas to you

    December 22, 2016