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Hai its hana,


Well im 12 now and iv started hating my self and currently i want to be running a maroth right now instead or writing this, cause i hate my self.

Well what u see and what other people see is very diffrent they might see you as a thin as pretty af girl but you see yourself as a emo ugly fat feak (thats what i see my self as) if u hate your self you shouldnt you are all perfect in diffrent way... we can be weird or normal, strong or weak, happy or sad, but we are all uniqe,

Nobody will have the same personality as you will and that could be the reason that boy//girl likes you and not them people will like you for who you are dont change to meet there expectations its not worth it i promise


If you really wanna change (like i do) do that but dont starve or do to much exasise yourself to make you super boney and thin

look im not the best at explaing this but i know that what u hate someone else will love its a fact.

you just have to love what they hate its amazing how it works

but in everyones else eyes you are perfect even the people who bully...  its just there way of saying "im jelouse of you".

Breath fresh air, live with courage in yourself, keep you head help high xx


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Comments (3)

  1. questingmom

    Your self will be with you for your whole life. Nurture, protect, respect and love her. Others will regard your self in that same tone. You are a smart girl.

    November 26, 2016
    1. girlonline2234

      thank you x

      November 30, 2016