i wanna say something.

yes we ALL have bad days,

and as someone once told me

when  u have a bad day someone else had a horrible day plus theres always gonna be a goood day to  follow...

-you know who you are x

but the saying is true i had a bad day of friday last week and today i had the best... But today i had a constant reminder of how lucky i am to have the amazing friends and boyfriend i do... i take it for granted but i know there are worse lifes out there then mine and to be honest i feel really bad for those people who do have a bad life i hope that it all looks up for them cause they deseve a awsome life to everyone does. some more them others xx.

Try and fill your life with postive things. A true bestfriend, A loop you can stay in, A place you can call home, special meaningful things, Something that makes you carlm.

Anything that makes you feel okay happy or estatic.

Its your life no one else can controle it stand up for yourself, love yourself, Be the stongest you,  Be happy in yourself...

i hope this helped in anyway <3

i may need to take my own advice...

hope you take it x


love you all

hana aka girlonline2234

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Comments (3)

  1. pets

    great blog

    December 05, 2016
    1. girlonline2234

      thanks yous

      December 06, 2016
  2. pets

    your very welcome my freind

    December 06, 2016