so im sorry i havent been on here latly its just life and anxiety got in the way then family problems krept up then guess what boy trouble.

ITs doing my head in ahhhh. iv given so many chances to a boy who hurt me so much. iv also given so many cahnces to my bestfriend who has hurt me as well. and also me and daniel have the same bestfriend and and she likes him but he loves me and he made that clear to the both of us.

its just she invited him around her house when her mother gets her car back buut 1 i wasnt ivited and 2 im not okay with it  but if i told them that i would get told to get over my self, buut i dont know if its her or him i dont trust or if its both of them. or it might be me i dont trust.

it just hurts that they have this whole little "relationship" that means "nothing" but it hurts me knowing it might be more and all thes questions spirel around my head like are they? am i not good enough? why am i alive?

it does my head in and i given up latley like ahhhhh

anyways how are you?

write how you have been in the comments or message mein private i can help trusts me i know more then you think ,,,


girlonline going offline aka hana saying bye x

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  1. pets

    im your friend to count on

    April 11, 2017