sooo um

update: iv been dating someone for about a month and 13 days and im really happy in the relationship

but for the past month iv been dealing with constant s**t and its tourture there all saying he is cheating on me but he isnt he really isnt i know hes not i have them saying he is but everything the have said iv had people backing up that its just pure bullshit and they just want us to break up and yah know .

iv been month self harm free and i havnt learned to control my emotions yet

and yeha that shit comment something you wanna know love ya hana xx

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  1. pughugs

    Sister, I’m a be real with you for a sec. Usually when your friends are telling you something, and they don’t stop, they usually just looking out for you. I’m only in middle school, but things like this DO happen. How do I know? I’ve seen things. Things you can’t unsee, no matter how hard you try. Have they ever been with him? If not, how would they know? Maybe look through his phone! And I just realize this is a FLIPPING 11 YEAR OLD WHOS NEVER HAD A BOYFRIEND GIVING YOU ADVICE! (Deep breath) just think about what I said.

    February 24, 2017
    1. girlonline2234

      thank you x

      April 11, 2017