i guess

its a question od matter? just think that person you hate is it really worth hating them??

we only live once you never know the person u hate could be your bestfriend for life. Its fact you cant predict the future but you can atleast try...

but u cant be to forgiving or they will just use you in everyway!

i met this guy in school i loved him so much we dated broke up got into a fight and we made up some how and now are really close friends but i feel like he uses me...

i dont want you to be like that stand up for yourself!

Be you.

Thats all that really matter.

trust takes years to bulid up seconds to destroy and forever to repair...


i made the mistake of trusting someone in months but i seemed to trust them so much i told them everything eventchally...

it ruined so manythngs

thee word spread of all my secrets soon most of therre close friends found out i sorta started getting cyber  bullied i guess it was my own fault but i promised that everything i said was true :( it didnt go well at all.


i really dont want this to happened to anyone else. i can understand why i guess it was too soon to  tell but i felt so close to one of them people shes now one of the closest friends to me but she knda has a  mental effect on me that makes me hate who she hates and likes who she likes which isnt helping me be my own person she twwisted thing and makes me out to be the bad person so i follow her i guess.her ex is one of my very small crushes he was the one i fell in love with hes so perfect to me that caused issues between us ruined my  life i guess in a way idk how you would put it.


but i need all of you to stand up for who you are dont let people control you be you always...

its the bullies who will make you the person you are today, your friends will help but the bullies do most of the work without even relising it.

considder your expectations make the right move, breath your own air and be your self to your best ability!! okay tell me how it goes ...


i love you all


Hana xx

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  1. girlonline2234

    i know i do but i dont see it yet or how to rn (i got a new blog coming up maybe today xx)

    November 22, 2016