i really dont know

see im on my laptop right now and my mum brought this for my birthday which is in two months and my iphone 4s and guess what!!!!

she goes and buys me a samsung phone and tablet and says iphone 4s or samsung phone and i didnt realise till just now that the phone is so pathetic and small and mym also said laptop or the tablet and i was like u brought me this for my birthday  so both r mine but i can only have one or the other hehehehehhe but then she tells me that i can have both :)




  but anyway please privat message me if u need any help!!!!!!


and i need your help im going nuts there r somehings i cant handel and its selfharm!!!!!


i have to go cause i cant do this baii


hana going offline

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  2. girlonline2234

    what do you mean

    April 27, 2016
  3. girlonline2234


    April 27, 2016