im sorry

so he read my last blog i think and i seem to be ruining things i dont think he understands that after everything thats happened i havnt got stronger i got weaker him going round shanas house wouldnt  of minded me like a couple of years ago but i got weaker and things little things give me anxiety and hurt me easily. i dont even thing he knows what goes through my mind like--- what if he gets caught up in the moment and they kiss and dont tell me and i find out myself or what if he gets feelings again for her - or if he wants her and not me anymore. he just thinks im over reacting and that im being pathetic. he doesnt know how it feels after nearling losing him anything will  mak mee over protective he doesnt even care and ahhhhhhhh i want to die

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  1. pets

    if you feel down come and talk with me

    April 11, 2017