im stupid

i did something bad i selfharmed..........

my life just took over my feeling and my strength and i cut my self with a blade which im regreting badly sooooo badly and then i told m mum that the cat scratched me rapiedly wow im a twat...


it just had enough cause i though every thing was my fault......

im stupid.......s but we

but i have people to get me through it....

duncan is amazing he always say he is there for  me and he has alway been he is sooo sweet

i love him <3

even though we said we were friends:((((((((((((

oh well i willl live he askeed my bestfriend and then sooo did owen:( :(

my bestfriend is the best thought she is amazing every way we have fallen out so many times but we are freinds again and omg im sooooo happy.....................................

but im still a stupid twat


hana is going bye

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  1. alana_fielder

    In life we do many stupid things, but we should learn lessons from them and keep moving on. In those phases of life, friends are the greatest blessings. You do such things because of stress and shares some good ways to handle this stress.

    June 01, 2016