listen to what i have to say!!!!!!!!!!! (read)


life isnt easy for any of us is it

but some people do have worst lifes then us

but some people go to the exstream with self harm and everything

iv had people in my life doing this and iv tryed to help then and every thing else :(

but its os hard every day cause i dont take my ipod with  me and i only have my phone for school

and iv now got a girlfriend yes im gay axx


i have to go :( :P

 girlonlline going offline

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  1. austinrevell

    Yes, I know that life is not so easy for any of us. The time I think that it is becoming smoother then after a little moment it starts becoming worst. Why such essay writing services review discrimination is there? Why we cannot live with peace and why people are making our lives hell?

    June 13, 2016